Gifts for the Wealthy – Where Can We Find Some Extra Cash?

The holidays are upon us and just like that you’re in the hot seat when it comes to delivering the perfect give to friends and family. But that challenge takes on an entirely different bent if you happen to have friends in the 1% (read: wealthy).

Of course, in recent years, even the rich are opting for more understated expressions of their substantial means. So while it’s still possible to break the bank shopping for them, a bit of clever curation can also go a long way.

The items are just a few gifts your well-heeled friends may appreciate if you decide to shell out the big bucks this holiday season.

TAG Heuer Connected

Yes, the Apple Watch Edition is the priciest, most well known smartwatch out there, but that’s exactly why you may want to show a little creativity and opt for an alternative. The TAG Heuer Connected allows you to give a gift with high-end pedigree while losing none of the smartwatch functionality associated with more middle-tier brands.

Assuming you don’t need a gold-encased smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected, at $1,500, is a both classy and is orders of magnitude less costly than Apple’s $17,000 model. The catch here is that the device is powered by Android Wear, so you need to be sure your giftee is Android-friendly before handing this one over.

Energica Ego Electric Superbike

The electric vehicle of choice for the upper crust is currently the Tesla, but some people prefer to travel on two wheels instead of four. When it comes to electric-powered two-wheel vehicles, that usually means we’re talking about a bicycle or a scooter, but the Energica Ego allows you to remain eco-friendly while steering a crotch rocket that would be the envy of any Suzuki owner (at least in terms of looks).

Offered in matte black (which make it look even more like a Batman vehicle) or white, the frame is made of fiberglass, the motorcycle can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds and can reach speeds of up to 150mph. At $34,000 it’s pricier than most motorcycles, but with the Energica Ego you get to have your machismo and green footprint, too.

Origami Power Folding Stroller

There’s a long tradition of parents attempting to one up one another by rolling out the latest and the greatest stroller money can buy. But there’s only so much you can do to add flare to a stroller before the baby chariots become embarrassing totems to excess.

But the Origami Power Folding Stroller presents a decidedly futuristic looking stroller that doesn’t just look the part, but lives up to its name. With just a push of one large button (that lights up!), the electric-powered stroller folds up into an easy to carry form with the ease and grace of a Transformer.

It also comes with night mode front and side lights and an LCD display near the handlebars that allows the parent to monitor the current environment temperature, current speed, distance traveled, lifetime distance and battery power remaining. The display works with a sensor to tell you when your baby is sitting in the seat. All that and the wheels of the stroller also work to charge its batteries and your iPhone whenever you push its wheels. It’s definitely a lot to pay for a tool ($849.99) you’ll only use for about a couple of years tops, but real geek parents will recognize just how much swag this bestows on any infant lucky enough to travel in one.

Emperor Computer Chair

The day of the couch potato is over. Today it’s all about who can stay locked into their computer terminal the longest while getting the most done. To that end, the Emperor immersive computer chair is easily the best gift you can give anyone who embraces the role of the super multi-tasker. Peppered with USB inputs for a myriad of accessories, side subwoofers to truly make you feel like you’re immersed in your game or movie, the Emperor looks like the throne of some master hacker on the payroll of some secret corporation’s skunkworks. It even has built-in cup holders.

As for displays, you have the option of attaching one 30-inch monitor, or up to three smaller sized monitors. It comes in white, but unless you want to look like you’re in a dentist chair of the future, we suggest the black version. The base model is $5,305, and with trimmings that price can balloon to $8,945. But in 2016, this is the seat of power that really says you’re a technology master, so it’s kinda worth it.

World View Voyage to the Edge of Space

What do you get the person who has everything? The world, of course. It may be a while before companies like SpaceX make space tourism a reality, but in the meantime you can gift one of your friends a trip to the edge of space where they can see a full view of the Earth few have every seen in person. World View Enterprises is offering a five-hour trip nearly 20 miles above the planet in a tiny capsule, lifted by a high altitude balloon, for six passengers and two crew members.

The trip brings new meaning to the terms VIP room and “mile high club” (although we’re pretty sure no intimate shenanigans will be allowed on this trip). But if you’re thinking of giving this gift, you’d better be well and truly wealthy, because tickets are $75,000 a pop. And you have to put down a $7,500 deposit just to reserve a seat. Trips begin in 2016.

DJI Spreading Wings S1000+ Drone

Consumer drones have dropped dramatically in price in recent years, so now you can go to your local Barnes & Noble bookstore and pick up a drone for just a couple of hundred dollars. But if you’re truly serious about using drones to film high-end footage, then you want the very best rig money can buy. Enter: the DJI Spreading Wings S1000+ drone. Made of durable black carbon fiber, the drone looks like a sinister flying sentinel equipped with an array of eight arms and fitted with sleek propellers.

When someone sees this thing coming, they might wonder if the alien invasion has already begun. When not in use, the drone, which was designed for professional cinematographers, folds up into an easy to carry form and can be unfolded and ready to fly again in just five minutes. The base model is $1,900, but with all the extras that make the drone truly powerful for HD shooting, you’ll need to shell out $4,550.

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