Holga’s Digital Toy Camera Lets You Take Instagram Pics IRL

Holga’s toy camera is finally getting 21st century upgrade. As cool as shooting film is, digital is the future and now Holga is getting with the program. The company launched a Kickstarter for the the Holga Digital, a toy camera that takes those lovable artsy-fartsy photos and saves them to an SD card like every other digital camera.

The Holga Digital is the same Holga film camera that you love, but digital. Available in four different colors — black, white, pink, and mixed — the camera has an f/2.8 and f/8.0 lens for different shooting styles.

On the top of the camera is a knob to select between a 4:3 rectangle photo and a 1:1 square (perfect for Instagram). There’s also a hot-shoe to attach a flash and a bulb mode for long exposure photos.

The coolest part is, of course, the lens support. You can attach old Holga lenses, like fisheye and wide-angle, to really give your photos some variety.

There’s a micro USB port for charging and tripod mount on the bottom as well.

The Holga Digital will ship in January of 2016. At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter had already raised over $61,000 of its $38,000 goal and there are still Super Early Bird specials going for about $57.


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