How KIND Are You?

People are inherently and genuinely good — we see evidence of this every day by witnessing acts of kindness, or by coming across them in stories that go viral. When you witness an act of kindness, no matter how big or small, it’s tough not to smile. What’s magical about kindness is that it makes both the doer and the recipient of the kindness feel the positivity.

This is a feeling that you’ll carry through your day or week, during which you’re likely to carry on that kindness and do something kind for someone else. This World Kindness Day, spotting and celebrating kindness is easier than ever with the help of KIND.

Since day one, KIND has been on a mission to spread the idea that kindness is more than one act: It’s a state of mind. And the snack brand inspires and celebrates kindness every day.

This year, KIND is using World Kindness Day as a catalyst for an expansion of its #kindawesome program — an initiative that seeks to celebrate kindness by visiting

Annually, World Kindness Day serves to celebrate and acknowledge people who perform acts of kindness and to encourage others to do so whenever they can. This year, the day dedicated to empowering people to make the world a little bit kinder falls on Friday, Nov. 13. (Friday the 13th doesn’t seem so unlucky anymore, does it?)

In 2013, KIND kicked off the #kindawesome initiative to enable its team members to acknowledge the good acts they see in their daily lives. The KIND team was given #kindawesome cards to hand out to show appreciation whenever they witnessed someone doing good in the world.

To include scale and convenience, KIND decided to add technology and brought the cards online, allowing everyone to get involved. This way, anyone can send some deserved appreciation to those who make the world that much better.

And when you’re on the receiving end of a #kindaawesome card (be it physical or digital), you can redeem it for a free KIND snack.

At, you can do two things:

So when you see a friend hold the door open for someone whose hands are full, or give someone words of encouragement, you now have a way to show your appreciation of these small but meaningful gestures.

KIND’s hope is that through the easy and wide-spread digital sharing of #kindawesome cards, others will become inspired to commit kind acts of their own. With the launch of #kindawesome, KIND is empowering people to recognize those around them doing small kind acts, both online and offline, creating chains of kindness between friends and strangers alike.

To see how you can send your appreciation to someone who’s done a kind act, visit and use the hashtag #kindawesome to share your own stories and experiences.

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