Shot in the Butt Because of Sea Turtle Dislike …

Imagine not liking sea turtles. Then think about not liking sea turtles so much that you’d assault somebody who does like sea turtles … Yep, the image is silly right? Well. Not for some apparently.

That’s what occurred on July 17 in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida, when a man approached and subsequently attacked two volunteers watching over a sea turtle nest.

According to WPLG 10, a man approached two volunteers, telling them that he “did not like sea turtles.” When the man started aggressively pulling out stakes that were being used to rope off a turtle nest, one of the volunteers pulled out his handgun.

Witnesses say the man then wrestled the volunteer to the sand, shooting him in the butt. He was later taken into police custody.

The weirdest part of the entire situation is that we may never understand why this man hated these turtles so much…

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