You Can Get an Alpaca at Your Wedding in Japan

Put away your mason jars and chalkboard paint — alpacas are the hot new wedding trend. And the Hotel Epinard Nasu in Japan provides the animal for ceremonies, so you don’t have to wrangle your own.

It’s pretty easy for the hotel to make the alpacas available because it is located next to a zoo.
alpaca wedding 2

Trainers wrangle the fluffy little guys during their appearance, so unfortunately the chance of another high-speed zoo animal chase through the city is unlikely.

Image: Tuyokora

Good luck coming up with alpaca puns for your Instagram hashtag. We suggest #AlpacaAndReadyForTheHoneymoon or #ItSeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtFirst.

Source: Mashable Watercooler You can get an alpaca at your wedding in Japan

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