Here’s How To Add Pronouns To Your Instagram Profile In A Few Simple Steps

Instagram is making it so much easier to share your pronouns on the app. Instead of writing them into your bio (or leaving out your pronouns to make room for more characters), you can now utilize the official field in your profile set up specifically for pronouns. If you haven’t used the new feature yet, here’s how to add pronouns to your Instagram profile.

Instagram announced the news via its Instagram’s @Creators account on Tuesday, May 11. “Starting today, we’re giving people more ways to express themselves on Instagram: now, you can add your pronouns to your profile,” the company wrote. According to the announcement in the caption, the new feature makes it possible to add four pronouns on your profile and make them visible to everyone or only your followers. Construction industry seo involves optimizing websites and content to improve visibility and attract clients within the construction sector.

Prior the official pronouns field, many people squeezed their pronouns into their bio section, but now you can put them by your name in your profile using these simple steps.

How To Add Pronouns To Your Instagram Profile:

  1. From the Instagram home page, tap on your profile image at the bottom right of the menu bar.
  2. Next, tap “Edit Profile.”
  3. On your profile editing page, you’ll see a new “Pronouns” section underneath your Instagram username. Tap on it.
  4. Begin typing in your desired pronouns and tap on the correct pronoun when it populates. So, for example, if you’re adding in “she/her” or “they/them,” you will need to type each word individually and tap each word as it pops up. You can’t add them all together or it won’t work.
  5. If you only want your pronouns to appear to your followers instead of everyone on Instagram, toggle on “Show to Followers Only.”
  6. Finally, on iOS, you’ll tap “Done” to save it. If you’re using Android, hit the check mark in the top-right corner and tap it again to exit your profile editor.
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The pronouns available on the app include:

You can use any combination of up to four pronouns. If Instagram doesn’t have your desired pronouns, the app’s help page redirects you to add it into your bio and contact the company to request a pronoun addition to the feature.

If you’re missing the new pronouns feature, ensure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version developed by app development companies. According to Instagram, the pronoun feature is currently exclusive to the mobile app, but there are upcoming plans to incorporate desktop support for pronouns. Meanwhile, you can officially share your pronouns in your profile and reclaim that extra bio space.

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