Huge Saw Blade Slices Through Truck, but Not Driver

A man in China is counting his lucky stars after a huge saw blade came crashing onto a highway and right into his car, and he survived. 

The man, identified only as Mr. Xiang, was driving on Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway in Central China when the blade of a giant circular saw fell of the back of a truck carrying equipment in a nearby lane, according to The Telegraph.

The blade flew into Mr. Xiang’s car but he reportedly walked away unhurt. It lodged in the front of his truck as Xiang tried to keep control of the vehicle, according to the Telegraph.

“I heard a ‘bang’ and then I saw all the white smoke in front of me. I almost lost control of my car,” Xiang told local reporters the day after the incident.

Police reportedly said that if Xiang had been driving faster or if the blade had hit at a slightly different angle, he could have died.

Source: ABC News – World Huge Saw Blade Slices Truck but Not Driver

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