Learn About Brothel Where Lamar Odom Was Found Unconscious

The legal brothel where former NBA player and reality-star Lamar Odom was found unconscious Tuesday is one of the best known in Nevada and was mentioned in an HBO series. The Love Ranch has two Nevada outposts, one in Carson City and one in Crystal, which is where Odom was found.

They are two of the multiple brothels owned by Dennis Hof, who has publicized the establishments and pushed for expanding legal prostitution to the state’s larger cities.

Hof, 69, told ABC News that Odom called to have someone from the Love Ranch pick him up at his home in Las Vegas Saturday, and he was at the establishment until Tuesday afternoon, when two of the prostitutes there found him unconscious in his room.

Odom “came out there to have a good time, disappear like a lot of celebrities do at the Bunny Ranch or the Love Ranch,” Hof said, referring to two of his most widely known brothels.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, speaks during an interview inside the brothel in Mound House, Nev., Aug. 20, 2013.

The one where Odom was reportedly staying for the four days before he was found unconscious is located in the town of Crystal, Nevada, which is about 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

One of Hof’s other legal Nevada brothels, The Moonlite BunnyRanch in Mound House, was featured in the HBO show “Cathouse: The Series,” which aired in 2005. The show followed the working lives of some of the women who worked at the brothel.

As for the Love Ranch, where Odom, 35, was found, the facility has been newly remodeled and has a Jacuzzi, a full service bar, “VIP Rooms & Suites,” according to its website. The site also notes that there are specials for bachelor parties and discounts for students and members of the military.

But illegal drug use is not allowed, Hof said.

Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images
A sex worker waits for a client in the room where she works, Nov. 18, 2010 at the Carson City, Nev. location of Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel.

“Well, we have a zero-tolerance policy and even if you are a celebrity, you’re not going to do drugs in my place,” he told ABC News Tuesday night. “We’re a legal business, a legal licensed business and we don’t want drugs at our place, but we didn’t see that with Lamar.”

Hof said Odom was in a “great mood, great attitude, eating good, sleeping good. He wanted a bottle of cognac. We got it for him on Saturday. There’s still a third of it left after four days, having a great time.”

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