LG’s 360-degree Bluetooth Speaker Mistaken for a Bottle of Milk?

Bluetooth speakers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but LG’s newest one will have you doing a double take. At LG’s IFA booth, the company had on display its SoundPop 360, a Bluetooth speaker with 360-degree sound that looks like a glass milk bottle.

LG says the milk bottle resemblance was intentional, to better blend into your home decor. OK.. I supposed it would look great in the kitchen.

Press the top of the bottle, err, SoundPop 360 and it’ll rise up revealing the speaker. On the top are touch-sensitive control buttons.

Of course, I couldn’t get a good sense of the SoundPop 360’s sound quality on the noisy show floor, but I did crank the volume up (to the disapproval of LG’s booth attendants) and it was surprisingly loud.

LG’s also built a few neat features into the Bluetooth speaker. You can pair an audio source to two SoundPop 360s to output in stereo and pair it to a Bluetooth-equipped TV for a more intimate listening experience. Maybe snuggle with the speaker? (OK, I’ll just.)

Battery life is quite good too, with up to 20 hours of music playback on a single charge.

The SoundPop 360 will be available in a variety of colors including, white, black, pink and teal. LG didn’t announce pricing or availability.

Image: Raymond Wong/Mashable

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