Mom asks Husky about Missing Shoe.. His Reaction on Tape!

Having a dog in the house is in many ways like having a child. Our furry little friends love getting our attention, and because of that they might occasionally do some forbidden things. So, if you wake up one day and find one of your shoes missing, you would not have to guess twice who might be the culprit.

This Mom has no doubt who stole her sneaker, and she immediately blames her Husky dog for the theft. Azlan, the dog, tries to play innocent, and even argue, but he knows he is guilty. “Azlan, I know you stole my shoe. Go pick it up and bring it back.” We can’t say he did not try to get out of the tricky situation, but eventually he had to admit.

Azlan walks out of the room and when he comes back, watch what he has in his mouth. He might be naughty, but he will definitely steal your heart. SHARE away people and spread a smile.

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