1. Well Sirs, the solution to US problems is a $25,000 dollar guaranteed income for everyone. And get this it won’t cost one penny. It will pay for itself seven times over by streamlining government. Thats right, it will cost $175 billion per year while saving $1.22 dollars. And is this being done? No! Why? Probably because a lot of bureaucrats would then have to pick shit with the rest of us chickens out here. Simply it’d be the right thing to do, and it could be done be now. Nothing else would be required of Congress and the President for the country to suddenly have a ton of problems solved. . Jsav.

  2. Adam West was bigger than big,to me and many more baby boomers growing up at that special time,rushing home to catch Batman on tv.
    He was truly a Super Hero and a great human being.
    Rip Adam,we all love u ,and u will b missed.

  3. my Grandma Rau passed from Leukemia also when my Dad was in the Army and my Mom Never even was able to meet her Mother-in-law! Grandma Irene Rau! I was named after her by my middle name in my Fathers eyes! anyone who knows me knows i’m Christina Jo!